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10 Baking Tips for Perfect Cakes

10 Baking Tips for Perfect Cakes

Like many other habits, some people consider cooking and baking the reason for their happy hormones. Unlike cooking, baking is way too different than cooking. In cooking,  there are a million ways to prepare food whereas baking is one of those million ways of preparing the food. In this blog, you'll know all you need to bake a perfect cake.  

Baking is an art therefore it allows you to let your creative ideas run wild, you can always get creative with your cake decorating ideas but for that cake decorating sets are a must. Where baking gives you freedom of creativity it restricts you in the process of adding ingredients so, If you are Someone who likes making additions to the recipe and still is confident enough that you'll get the results right or even better than the actual recipe then let me tell you this baking is not something that will cooperate with your art of making additions. Baking is a process where you need to be very perfect in every addition, a little something extra can lead to a total waste of all your ingredients so, here are some tips that will help you in achieving perfection in your process!

Focus on the recipe:

Now you probably are thinking that it is a very obvious thing but people tend to ignore little things that are mentioned in the recipe. Read the recipe when gathering the ingredients. It will help you in following the same steps without replacing the ingredients because that specific ingredient is not available.

Ingredients’ temperature check:

When you are following a recipe make sure that you read and consider steps thoroughly. If it is written that you have to add ingredients at room temperature, it means you cannot add refrigerated ingredients like butter and similar other things. All the things that you are using should have room temperature for the right results.

Use the right baking accessories:

Using the right equipment is a must. You should have all the appliances that are needed for the process. If you don't have them you won't be able to get the desired results. Now, if you are worried about not having the right appliances, I have got you covered. All the baking accessories in Pakistan are available online at Idealancy just a click away!

Weight and measurement of ingredients:

weight and measure the ingredients correctly because a little extra or little less can entirely change the outcome. You cannot add anything extra or less therefore using measuring cups and measuring spoons is a great way of getting all the things right.

Mix according to the need:

All the batter you are making and all the things you are mixing should be of perfect consistency therefore, you are advised to not overmix or under-mix anything.

Do not leave the batter:

When you have mixed everything and have your batter prepared, immediately go for baking because all the ingredients that help in the sponging of cake will start working as they get in contact with the wet ingredients.


When you have prepared the batter, grease the pan in which you are going to bake in order to avoid any sticking. Use parchment paper for better outcomes.

Preheat the oven:

Heat the oven when you are preparing the batter because if the oven is at room temperature your cake won't rise correctly because it'll have to sit in the oven for like 10 minutes while it is heating up. Use a wire rack in your oven and don't put the cake too close to the upper surface of the oven.

Do Not open between the process of baking:

That rising cake inside the oven can intimidate you into opening the oven door for a quick peek but you are advised to resist the urge because the temperature that will cause it can totally destroy your cake.

Final test:

After baking, you can test if your cake is baked perfectly by putting a knife or cake tester through it but I will advise you to use a toothpick to avoid making a big slit in your cake. If your cake is baked perfectly you will see a few cake crumbs on your stick and if it's not baked completely yet you will see wet batter on the stick.

If you follow these steps strictly you can bake a perfect cake but, for baking, perfect cake baking accessories play an important role in getting all the things right therefore if you don't have the right baking equipment you can get your cake decorating set and baking accessories online in Pakistan from idealancy. They have all the products you need for baking a perfect cake available at very affordable prices with amazing quality.

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