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5 Best Lunch Boxes in Your Budget

5 Best Lunch Boxes in Your Budget

What is more refreshing than carrying a healthy homemade meal during a hectic day? There is no comparison between homemade food. Moreover, eating home-cooked food is beneficial in saving time, healthy habits, and saving costs. Additionally, bringing your meal can help reduce food waste, and you can only take the portion in a lunch box as you desire.

The lunch boxes that are easy to clean, carry and store plenty of food are ideal. However, when buying a lunch box, you should check its water resistance and leak proof properties. 

Things You Should Consider While Buying a Lunch Box


Check if your lunch boxes are waterproofed. Otherwise, there is a chance of food dropping in your bag.

Easy to clean

Look for materials that are easy to clean, like nylon, glass, silicon, stainless steel, etc. It will help you reduce your time washing the lunch boxes

Free of BPA lining

BPA is a toxic chemical used in making plastics. This chemical can be absorbed in your meals and lead to many health problems. However, avoid going for plastic lunch boxes.

To make things easy, we have already sorted out the best products at our online shopping store for you. Check them out below.

Thermal Lunch Bag

These portable thermal lunch bags are the best solution for keeping your food at the right temperature. This lunch bag is designed to make your life easier. 

It is spacious enough to store plenty of food and keep it at the right temperature for a long time. This lunch box is the best choice for people traveling. 

Lunch Box Stainless Steel

This 3-in-1 lunch box stainless steel is leakproof and made from material that is easy to clean. Besides this, it has a vacuum release patch to maintain the air. 

It is made from an anti-bacterial technology to keep you safe from diseases. It has round edges to escape any mishaps from the sharp edge. It has plenty of space to store a one time meal.

3 Partition Lunch Box

Stainless steel 3-partition lunch boxes are made to store your food separately. We Pakistanis have several side dishes and sauces with the main course.

For us, this is a great option. You can store three varieties of food in three separate compartments without worrying about getting them mixed. 

Bowl Lunch Box

Idealancy. pk has this unique portable stainless steel lunch box. You can store plenty of food, and it is easy to carry. The unique technology will keep the food hot for a long time.

You must pour hot water at the bottom of the box to keep the meal warm. The best thing is that it is made under the protection of environmental and health protocols.

Electric Food Warmer Box

This Electric Food Warmer Box is made from high-temperature resistant materials that are environmentally friendly. It is stylish as well as user-friendly. The steam cover helps in keeping the food fresh. 

They have used PCT material to save energy. It has a dual function of keeping the food warm and fresh. 

Idealancy. pk is the best online shopping website in Pakistan. You can buy a wide range of products at our online shopping store. 

We have a wide range of lunch boxes for you at affordable prices. Your time buying these lunch boxes is saved, as we have listed the high-end products for you. 

Do not wait and grab yourself a lunch box for your everyday meals.