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7 Food Storage Tips To Prevent Wastage

7 Food Storage Tips To Prevent Wastage

With the rising prices of groceries, homemakers are always looking for ways for perishable food items to be stored properly so that they last longer. Here are the top seven ways to try to make your food last longer and avoid wastage:


  1. Use Reusable Containers

A tried and tested method is to take out grains, cereals, flour, spices, and pulses from their original packing and store them in good quality reusable Tupperware boxes available in assorted sizes as per your cabinet dimensions. You can label these boxes for efficient and easy usage.


  1. Wrap Green Vegetables in Paper Towels

The trickiest item to store for a long is greens which shrivel in a matter of days. Picking out the blackening part of the vegetable can be tedious and eventually affects the taste of the produce. Try storing greens with paper towels to help maintain a healthy level of moisture, keeping them crisp and delicious for longer.


  1. Freeze Seasonal Produce

Pakistan is blessed with an assortment of fruits in every season and one way to make sure you can enjoy these seasonal fruits like mangoes or strawberries the year-round is to make them into purees and freeze them in boxes. This will help you take maximum advantage of fresh produce which is cheaper and is packed with nutrition and flavor in season. Another tip is to freeze chicken or meat stock in ice cube trays and store in plastic storage bags for convenient use any season, anytime.


  1. Invest in Produce-Preserving Sheets

You can line your refrigerator with special sheets designed to help keep fruits and vegetables fresh up to four times longer. This may be an investment but it surely helps extend the life of produce, reducing waste significantly.


  1. Keep Spices Away From Sunlight and Heat

Spices get stale or discolored easily and sometimes may even get infested with bugs. The cause is heat and sunlight that damages the spices, causing them to lose flavor. It is wise to use a spice rack to organize your spices and keep them away from the heat of the stove and out of natural light. You can even use a refrigerator to extend their life rather than leaving it out in the heat.


  1. Store Nuts in the Freezer

Nuts are quite expensive and a treat coveted especially in the winters. Yet, they have a naturally high-fat content which can cause them to spoil within a few days if exposed to heat and sunlight. Try storing all kinds of nuts in the freezer which will keep them in good condition for up to a few months.

  1. Make Freezer Bags Your Friends

Another item to embrace if you relish organizing and hate wastage is freezer bags that preserve fresh produce or leftovers. They are slightly thicker than regular plastic storage bags to help prevent freezer burn and also provide the advantage of taking up less space.

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