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Modern Door Accessories

Modern Door Accessories

Do door accessories sound strange? Well, it shouldn’t, because when all the other places and objects in the house have accessories why can’t the door have them. For example, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, garden accessories, and so on.

A door is not just an entryway to the house or the room. Yes, it is an openable barrier at the entrance of the house or any other room in there. Thus, making it a very important component. So, to either make it look beautiful or give more ease and comfort to the user, we do need some accessories. Nowadays, you will find many modern door accessories in Pakistan not onlyin mainstream hardware stores but also in several online stores. Online stores are much preferred these days as people had gotten used to shopping online due to the pandemic and mainly the website shows the use of the product as well. You can know the aesthetic visual impact and appeal of the door accessories. Idealancy can make your life easy in this regard. Read below and find the amazing modern door accessories that are available on their website.

Hidden Door Closer Magnetic

This is for lighter doors. The magnet saves the hassle of closing the door after use. Pushing the door to close and fixing it to the catcher is not a good option. Therefore, these magnets serve the best. Plus, it is hidden andit lays discreetly.

Silicone Door Stopper – Wall Saver

Door stoppers are common and have been in use fora long time. Door stoppers are a much-needed accessory because some doors keep closing on their own mostly because of the heavy material or a door closer. When you need to keep them open, you need a proper stopper that does not damage the wall as well. So, the Idealancy e-commerce websitehad a great variety of such door stoppers.

Door Stopper – Hard Foam Door Stopper

As discussed above why a good door stopper is an essential door accessory. The materials of door stoppers may vary but the purpose is the same. A hard foam door stopper is much stronger and sturdy. The other best thing about this door stopper is it is detachable, simply takes long with you for whichever door you want to use it for. These hard foam door stoppers are available in different colours and designs.

3 Pcs Door Handle Bumper Guard

Among door accessories, there are marvellous door handles and locks too, they do look pretty on the door but when the door opens, they bump into the wall and cause cracks there. To save the wall, we have bumper guards to save the wall from door handles. It is a set of three in pretty colours.

Door Wall Protector Silicone Cartoon

Another similar accessory is the door wall protector, it is made of silicon but the best feature is they are cartoon characters on it, that means ideal for your children’s room. They not only look attractive but are very useful as well.


Twin Draft Guard 40 Inches – Air Leak Protection

Air leakage control is important when you have air conditioning in the room. To serve the purpose, win draft guard 40 inches air leak protection is the best modern door accessory.

Door Window Sealing Strip Self Adhesive

You need to seal the door or window sometimes not because of air conditioning, you need a dust-free room, hence the need to seal the room by sealing the little openings under the door or at the edges of the window. The sealing strip available on the Idealancy e-commerce website is self-adhesive, which means you don’t need glue or any other external adhesive application to seal the edges of your door. This efficient self-adhesive sealing strip will not disappoint you.

All these accessories are the most used door accessories in Pakistan. Just understand the need for these accessories. Not all accessories are used to adorn and embellish – some are the need of the day, like the ones you just read about.