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Precautions you need to follow for Dengue Virus

Precautions you need to follow for Dengue Virus

Dengue fever, also known as borne disease, is caused by the bite of an Aedes mosquito. These mosquitoes survive in tropical and subtropical areas. Besides, these mosquitoes are prevalent during the daytime. Therefore, you must take precautions to avoid being bitten by these mosquitoes.  

The symptoms of the dengue virus are:

  • High fever (high-temperature 104°F)
  • Severe joint and muscle pain
  • Pain behind eyes.
  • Nausea/ Vomiting
  • Intense Headache
  • Loss of Appetite

Stay in a Clean Environment 

Dengue virus mosquitoes dwell in unhygienic environments. They breed, especially in stagnant water. You have to reduce the habitat of these mosquitoes by keeping your house clean and tidy. Moreover, you are also required to clean away any stagnant water around you. Sweep your home alternatively to avoid any dirt or unpleasant surroundings.

Mosquito Repellent - Prevention boosters

The best way to boost your prevention is through mosquito-repellent lotions. Apply on the exposed areas only and avoid using it on your wound or cuts. You can also spray mosquitoes every day in the corners of your house. Mosquitoes are usually found in hidden areas; corners and spraying can kill them.

Keep Your Wastes Separate

Your garbage disposal is the most unclean part of your house—the disposal bin of your home attracts mosquitoes. It would be best to separate your waste; wet garbage, plastic, and paper. Furthermore, cover your dustbins or use bins that already have a cover. Make sure you dump your garbage in time and do not let it stay for long. 

Check the House Openings

Mosquitoes can enter your house through open windows and doors. Early morning and evening time are the crucial ones. Keep your windows closed, especially in this time frame. Additionally, cover the open areas of your house with some cloth at night. So the mosquitoes can not enter the room. 

Use the Mosquito Trap

Keep yourself safe at every hour. It would be best if you also protect yourself while sleeping. Use mosquito nets while sleeping and make the mosquitoes stay away. Enjoy your peaceful sleep without the headache of getting the dengue virus. Ensure you use mosquito traps for babies, as they can not care for themselves. 

Use Dengue Treatment Accessories

The best you can do except the above precautions is to use dengue treatment accessories. The mosquito coils, electronic mosquito repellents, and electric rackets can save you from dengue. You can also check mosquito killer lamp prices from our online store in Pakistan.  

Prevent Keeping Soggy Clothes

Keep your laundry day on track. Please do not leave the clothes soggy for long, or else they will release a bad smell and can invite mosquitoes. Keep your wet clothes away from the dry ones. For better prevention, use mosquito machines to kill the mosquitoes and be safe at home. Check the mosquito machine price from our website and live freely in your house. 


Dengue Virus still has no vaccination and is in the developmental phase. So the only solution right now is to take precautions. However, if you get dengue virus, the superior care is to take adequate fluids and bed rest. Most of the patients get recover within two weeks of duration.

However, the virus can lead to dengue hemorrhagic syndrome and dengue shock syndrome. It would be best if you adopted preventive measures for the dengue virus.