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10 Exceptional Kitchen Accessories to Look Forward to this Ramadan

10 Exceptional Kitchen Accessories to Look Forward to this Ramadan

Ramadan is the time of year when everyone not only looks forward to getting a chance to closer to their faith but also counts the Almighty’s bounties by looking forward to the scrumptious food. It is the Holy month when we all eagerly spend a little more time in the kitchen to feed our family and friends the best of food after they break their fast.


Unfortunately, life is busy and after the pandemic, we are not willing to miss out on any of our responsibilities, so we work more than we used to, to catch up on the loss. Therefore, we would not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing food for iftar – the preparation is though inevitable so we think of ways to make life easier and get the work done without a lot of hassle. Hence, all you need to do is– upgrade your kitchen and get kitchen accessories  that will make preparation less time-consuming. Certain appliances and kitchen tools in Pakistan are easily available and pocket friendly at the same time. Let’s check below which kitchen tools are a must-have in your kitchen during Ramadan.


Peelers and shredder with stainless steel blades


Cooking a food item is nothing less than science, and in science, you need some specific items to experiment with. Before you make any food, the process of preparing the ingredients is the most time-consuming thing. You need the right tool for chopping and cutting vegetables and fruits, a tool that is handy and user friendly, like a simple peeler and shredder with double-sided stainless-steel blades. There is another one available now is a 3-in-1 magical triangle shape peeler. The best part of this peeler is not only the 3 functions but the peels remaining inside the peeler’s plastic cover, so less mess around. Visit the Idealancy website and order a peeler and shredder of your choice.


Stainless Steel Frying Colander

In most homes, it is a fixed menu for iftar, and in it, some fried items are mandatory to be present on the table, for example, pakoras and samosas. These two are basic fried items that almost every woman in Pakistan knows how to make. The pre-serving part – frying is tiring, especially in this heat. But you cannot skip this step, so to make it convenient, use a stainless-steel frying colander. Yes, a colander, you must be wondering is one the most used kitchen accessories, we use for straining rice, mainly in straining rice for biryani. But for Ramadan, this frying colander is essential to have if you are into frying everyday then this will save you time beyond your imagination because you will be doing bigger batches of your fried item. If you have not seen them, check on the Idealancy website to get a better picture.


A set of a water jug with glasses

Right after you break your fast, you need some cold beverage. And fizzy drinks are bad for health normally as well, and after the fast, they should be avoided. So, you should serve some other healthy drinks to your loved ones. But obviously, you want to prepare it beforehand and for that, you need a set of a water jug with glasses. When you lay the table in Ramadan, you do it in a festive way, so instead of serving your beverage in a random jug and glasses, get yourself a set for a more presentable look from Idealancy.


Dumpling molds

One of the most efficient kitchen tools in Pakistan is the one that saves time and energy, so we have those dumpling molds. These molds are not exclusively for making dumplings, you can do a lot of other variations in the recipe to prepare them. These molds are ideal for fried food lovers. When they were no dumpling molds, the same thing, our hardworking ladies used to make these manually, spending hours in the kitchen to get the desired result. But thanks to innovations and inventions in kitchen accessories, we have tools and gadgets to make things less complicated for chefs.

Nut crusher and grinder

Most kitchens have an electric grinder for crushing nuts. But we have to accept the fact that those machines make the nuts more like fine powder and not crush them coarsely, as is required often for desserts and energy drinks. A manual nut crusher and grinder are ideal for the purpose. In Ramadan, serve desserts with crushed nuts on them to get energy and vigour after you break your fast.

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