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Clean home efficiently with our cleaning accessories

Clean home efficiently with our cleaning accessories

Cleaning reflects what kind of person you are; moreover, it puts a great impression on your surroundings. On this beautiful occasion of Eid ul Adha, cleaning work becomes more when you see too many utensils. Further, there are more visits of guests at home, so cleaning goes on and on for some days. For this purpose, using the most comfortable items as cleaning accessories is essential. You can buy online products for cleaning accessories from online shopping websites in Pakistan. 


Microfiber Cleaning Mitt

The microfibre cleaning mitt can be unique and useful for people. It provides a function of cleaning by wearing a glove on your hand. Further, it protects your hand from dirt and cleans the place well.


Clothes Fur Cleaner Brush 

This product would be highly effective in cleaning fur on your bed, sofa and clothes. You can remove extra dust and hair conveniently with the help of a brush. 


Sink Cleaning Tool 

Coming on to a very handy item that is sink blockage cleaning, it consists of a steel rod which will be used by pressing the button given on its top. It will help you remove all things such as hair, and little garbage from the sinks, wash basin, bathroom, and toilet.


Magic Spin Mop

This magic spin mop would help you clear your floor smoothly, consisting of a bucket. Its spinning properties let users easily soak excess water by placing the mop in the bucket. This would absorb all the water automatically and saves users effort and time. 


Mini Portable Washing Machine 

The mini washing machine spin dryer is a unique item you can take anywhere you want. It provides the function of washing your clothes and even drying them at a very low price. Keeping this mini machine in your bag, you can travel anywhere without any stress of clothes cleaning. This product would be very effective for those who travel and have to stay in another place for a long time. You can easily keep it in your bag and take it to your desired location.


Magic Washing Gloves

Another quality product for people is washing gloves that can be used by wearing in the hands. For washing dishes, it would be effective and save your hand by letting it cover. 


Multi-Function Cleaning Brush

The 2-in-1 multifunctional cleaning brush consists of both scrub and wipe functionality. It enables you to clean your windows, glass, tile walls, wash basin, sink, toilet or mirror, etc. With its multifunctional properties, it can be a good choice to buy.


Hand Carpet Cleaner Sweeper Brush

Dust is commonly found in every house; however, it is a tough task for you to clean your carpets daily. A hand carpet cleaning brush will help you clean your carpet regularly. Further, it is easy to use as a mini machine, allowing you to clean the carpet well.

Now that you know these basic items as your cleaning accessories at home, you might be curious to buy them. If you want a quality product to clean your sweet home, visit our online store in Karachi that is Idealancy.