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Don't forget these First aid boxes when traveling

Don't forget these First aid boxes when traveling

We can get into any emergency or might be traveling while on medicine. The smart way is to keep yourself prepared for anything. Why not carry a first aid box for emergencies?

Isn't it smart to be preplanned? Indeed we should not leave any chance for life to be hard on us. As it is well said;

"Precaution is better than cure." 

Do not leave your house with a first aid box; be ready for mishaps. Though we don't hope it happens. The wide range of storage can come in handy while traveling.

Weekly Pill Organizer Box

This weekly pill organizer is a gift for people who forget their schedule for taking medicines. This pill organizer contains seven compartments with days written on its outer side. Moreover, each container has a division of four segments. This indicates the medicine schedule for four times a day. For more convenience, it is color coordinated to differentiate them. It is portable and does not acquire much space. 


Rs. 599


  • The whole combined unit size: 3'' x 2'' x 4''
  • Compartment tray: 2.9'' x 1.7''x 0.45'' 
  • Each segment:1.25'' x 0.7'' x 0.45''

Plastic Round Case Box Pill Storage Organizer 

This is an ideal first aid box for traveling. It is a small round-shaped organizer that has in-build seven compartments. It comes in pink, green, and orange colors. Further, it has a push button to access the compartments quickly. Additionally, it has a portion to take out pills without much effort. It can carry the medicine for a week but does not occupy much space.  


Rs. 249


  • Size: 9cm diameter x 2.2cm high
  • Color: Pink, Green, and Orange

Pills Storage Case With Alarm Timer Clock

This pill storage box is designed with an alarm timer clock to remind you to take your medicines on time. The alarm can be set easily and does not have any ticking sound to avoid disturbances. The display present on the case is readable and clear. What is more exciting than buying a pill storage case that reminds you to take medicines? 


Rs. 899


  • No noise/ticking 
  • Easy to use

Gondol First Aid Box

The specific first aid box is made from a premium quality plastic called Godol. It can occupy many first aid essentials. The two compartments can allow you to divide the essentials into two halves per need. Moreover, you do not need to worry about your medicines getting wet in the container. The box is lightweight. Therefore it is easy to carry along your journey. 


Rs. 1,899


  • Size: 25 x 26 x 11 cm
  • Made from Gondol
  • Double Layer Design
  • Lightweight

Large First Aid Medicine Storage Box

This First Aid box is all you need to store all that medical essentials. It is made from an environmentally friendly material and has no bad smell. The corners are rounded to save you from any accident. It has two cantilever trays for convenience to store the materials and build to be water and dust-proof. 


Rs. 2,349


  • Made from thickened PP material, an environmentally friendly material with no bad odor
  • Moisture Proof and dust-proof
  • Two cantilever trays were built inside


Idealancy. pk has a wide range of first aid boxes for your travels at affordable prices. These are the must-haves in your bag while traveling. The list mentioned above has a variety of affordable first aid boxes for you. 

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